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陕西同远进出口贸易有限公司于2007年5月注册成立。   公司主营有色金属、矿产品、稀土产品及电缆材料的国内国际贸易业务。经营范围有:金属制品、矿产品、橡胶制品、农副产品、日用百货、五金化工、建筑材料、装饰材料、家电、机电产品、电子元件、汽车配件的销售与上述商品的进出口销售代理。。   另我司在西安户县投资建立了二个工厂,分别生产钢铝塑复合带,年生产力8000-10000吨,用于通讯电缆,光缆,有线电视电缆,同轴电缆的铠状屏蔽;以及各种钢材料焊接、不锈钢材料焊接,年加工能力5000吨的铆焊厂。   贸易客户遍及欧、亚、北美三十多个国家和地区。   公司本着 “同心协力,志达远方” 的企业宣言,对内注重经营管理,制订了一整套管理条例。在国际业务中严格实行贸易风险管理、成本核算管理和财务监督管理。对外力求优质服务,与客户交往以诚信为本。严格遵守国家法律法规,严格遵守国际贸易规则,公司全体员工敬业、勤奋,对公司的未来充满信心。我们愿与中外广大客户携手共创崭新未来。 Shaanxi Tongyuan Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd was established and registered in May 2007. The company handles the domestic and international trade of ferrous metals, mineral products rare earth products and cable materials. We are in the field of the import and export trade and agent of metal products, mineral products, rubber products, agricuitural and sideline products, articles of daily use, hardwares and chemicals, building materials, decoration materials, household electric appliances, electromechanical products, electronic components, car fittings. Meanwhile, we invested and established two factories in Hu Xian County, Xi’an. One produces plastic coated steel (aluminum) strip for shielding of communication cable, optical cable, CATV cable and coaxial cable, annual output is 8000-10000mt; the other is riveting and welding plant for welding of various steel and stainless steel materials and annual processing capacity is 5000mt.   The clients of the company are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.   The company is in line with the declaration of “work in cooperation, aim at future”. The Company attaches great importance to internal control and effective business management and operation. Business risk management, cost accounting management and financial supervision and control which practiced in domestic and international trade business. The Company provides quality services to the clients and act in good faith. The Company abides by Chinese laws and regulations and fully observes international trade rules and practices. All employees of the Company are devoted and hard working and have full confidence in the future of the Company. The Company is engaged in cooperating with our clients for creating the better future and achieving common prosperity. 展开 公司地址:西安市南二环西段222号九座花园1519(公交车4路、40路、251路、二环环线、217路、219路、220路、210路、216路、游7、10路,到西桃园站或西大新区站即可) (邮编:710075) 地图 公司官网:http://www.sxtongyuan.com

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