人才招聘 韩国独资公司 汉森家居(HANSSEM)创办于1970年,目前拥有驻中国、美国、日本等三个海外分公司,是一个集设计、生产、销售为一体的综合性家居行业的先导企业。 自创业伊始,汉森就立志通过改善家居环境,为人类的发展做出自己的贡献。现在,凭借自己的强大实力,汉森已列居韩国家居行业的前例。 1996年汉森来到中国,为进一步开拓中国市场而努力。目前,汉森在朝阳区建外SOHO设有针对工程客户的营业办公室,在北京望京科技园、天津、烟台、杭州及武汉设有代理店。此外,汉森还在北京通州区建成了占地面积30000多平方米的工厂,生产出的产品统一用于中国、韩国、日本的汉森公司产品上。 现公司为进一步开拓中国市场,特诚聘有志之士共创未来。 工作地址:北京市朝阳区望京中晨大厦(望京代理店) 请将个人简历发E-MAIL至公司。 欢迎浏览本公司网站 谢绝来访 展开
Futuris people and products are renowned amongst the best in the world. Drivers won’t know Futuris by name, but manufacturers, suppliers and the automotive industry do. We design and manufacture tailored vehicle seating and interior trim solutions for world leading brands. Our vision is to be a leading global provider of quality and tailored solutions for transport industries. Seats for luxury electric vehicles in California. Interiors in emerging Asian markets. A flexible approach to design, quality, teamwork and business partnerships is matched by a passionate focus on delivering the highest levels of consumer comfort, safety and convenience. Be part of our exciting journey and grow with us. With origins as far back as 1967 in Melbourne Australia, Futuris has spread its wings and has successfully grown around the world. We have manufacturing facilities and design centres in markets as far afield as North America, China, Thailand, Australia and India. Futuris is a global, aligned, integral and innovative seating and interiors supply partner of choice. We offer full ‘art to part’ service and solutions. We make things happen fast for our customers. If you have ambition and skill, opportunity abounds at Futuris. At Futuris, what’s key to our people being successful is talent, autonomy, attitude, ambition, willingness to participate and make a difference, willingness to accept responsibility and be accountable. We enjoy what we do and have fun, we have strong core values, we can travel the world and we always treat our customers with the respect that they deserve to ensure we meet their expectations. We are always looking for great people, so please contact us to join our journey. Website: www.futurisautomotive.com 展开 公司地址:上海闸北区 (邮编:200070) 地图 *发布本招聘广告企业的营业执照名称:

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